‘Oh, it’s pretty big.’ Check out a crocodile that went for a swim at a Miami-area park

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Weekend warriors trying to enjoy a rare day off got quite the show at Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables.

Video captured by bystanders on Saturday and posted on lifestyle page Only in Dade shows a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper hauling a decent-sized crocodile out of the water with a snare.

“Ooohhh, boy,” says a little girl off camera as the reptile thrashes.

“Oh, it’s pretty big,” says a man, laughing nervously as the trapper ties up the scaly beast’s jaws.

Many people weighed in on what type of apex predator it was, many thinking it was an alligator or saltwater crocodile. Others expressed their terror with shocked emojis and a lot of “OMGs.”


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“Gator Boys” star Chris Gillette set them all straight.

The local wrangler wanted Only in Dade followers to know that the animal, though frightening to see, posed no danger.

Contrary to what people assumed, this was not an “aggressive” saltwater croc, but a “relatively docile” American croc, native to South Florida. As they both live in saltwater, it’s easy to confuse the two, he wrote.

It’s “like mixing up a great white with a lemon shark,” Gillette continued. “Yeah, they’re both sharks and both have white bellies, but are equally as vastly different in size and potential danger.”