I Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion

1.On Rome:

Someone who says is what's happening in America similar to the fall of Rome and someone responds no Rome had good roads

2.On flags:

Person who thinks the Liberian flag is the American flag

3.On clocks:

Person who doesn't get 24-hour time

4.On Native Americans:

Person who thinks Native Americans aren't Americans

5.On spelling:

Person who thinks British spelling of "realize" indicates that English is their second language

6.On the South:

Person who thinks the South didn't lose, it was invaded

7.On freedom:

Person who says America is the only free country

8.On the metric system:

American gets dunked on over the metric system because the US system is so stupid

9.On Columbus:

person who says they're celebrating columbus day and the other person says how will you observe by getting lost in the spice aisle

10.On the Civil War:

Person who thinks the only civil war ever happened in the USA

11.On taxes:

Person who hates taxes but doesn't know that taxes pay for the military

12.On food money:

Person arguing that someone should have enough money to pay for an ambulance if they can buy food and internet

13.On Texas:

Person who thinks central Texas is in the Southern Hemisphere

14.On guns:

Person who argues about gun control with someone from Panama but assumes they're in the US

15.On cars:

Person says America is the reason we have cars but it's actually Germany

16.On weather:

Person asks who even uses Celsius and someone responds with a huge map of everyone who does — practically everyone except the US

17.On doctors:

person who doesn't think other countries can choose their doctors

18.On countries:

person who thinks europe is a country

19.On protesting:

Person who says America was not started by protesters, and the other person asks if they're aware of the Boston Tea Party

20.On Celsius:

Person arguing against Celsius because "in no universe does 40 relate to high"

21.On centimeters:

Person IDs themself as an American and says they will never play a game that uses centimeters, and someone else says that's exactly what the'd expect an American to say

22.On building:

Person who says you cannot build a house using the metric system

23.On education:

American who says they are number one in education, but they are actually number seven

24.On history:

Person tells a Native American to go back to their country

25.On Tennessee:

Someone from Tennessee who describes themself as a "native English speaker" gets told that the rest of the world does not have high expectations for them

26.On speed:

Person who says the internet was invented in America and someone says no it was developed by a Swiss organization

27.On tea:

American who boasts about the "multipurpose" pot gets dunked on for having "at least one universal thing" (but not universal healthcare)